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Trenchcore self-performs electrical design and installation team has installed electrical systems for many different applications. We can supply the owner with a system design that will meet their load needs. We provide design/build, plan and specification, and retrofit construction services.

Lamp/Ballast replacement – Lighting maintenance


Service panel replacement


Infra-red thermography


Data cabling


New electrical service


Electrical troubleshooting


120-480 volt electrical service


Variable frequency drives (service and installation)


Power factory connections



Trenchcore's  Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design and Installation team excels being able to construct any job. Trenchcore's HVAC team has worked on many Design/Build, plan and spec and retrofit projects.

Custom tailored HVAC Preventative Maintenance


Programs designed to meet your facility’s needs


Packaged rooftop units (3 to 150 tons)




Centrifugal, Screw, Process, and Reciprocating




Hot water/Steam

Make up air units (direct and indirect fire)


Heat pumps


Exhaust systems

Air filter services

BIM/Virtual Coordination

Our in-house BIM Coordinators provide 3D modeling of new and/or existing spaces with proposed HVAC solutions


Our experienced team provides design/build services for new HVAC systems including upgrades and retrofits. 

HVAC Service

To ensure a comfortable environment, our TABB Certified service department provides testing, adjusting, and balancing to achieve the optimal HVAC system design specifications.


We employee a team of TABB Certified specialists to ensure your HVAC performs as it is designed to providing optimal heating and cooling in your space.

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